Cupcake Charlie's - Plymouth

I decided to try out a specialty cupcake shop in Plymouth called Cupcake Charlie’s. The shop is located in the popular waterfront area and is one of the top reviewed places in Plymouth. I am not a huge fan of sweets, but every once in a while I’ll try out a fancy cupcake. Flavors are rotated on a daily basis. There were only 3 options available at our time of visit: oreo, peanut butter, and chocolate mint.

I ordered the “Chocolate Mint Madness.” While the bottom half of the cupcake was a nice rich chocolate (you could tell it was homemade), the frosting was too sugary for my taste. I did however enjoy the Andes mint! Why do cupcake shops pile so much frosting on top??

I prefer Sprinkles. It was freezing outside, and all the seats were taken inside (only 2 tables available!) which was annoying. As I said, I am not a big fan of desserts, however, if you like sweets you may want to try out a cupcake at Cupcake Charlie’s. Definitely not the best specialty cupcake shop – I prefer Sprinkles. However, if you are in the area you may want to check it out. The convenient location on the waterfront allows you to stop for a snack after touring around Plymouth.