Stunning views of Watchman Tower at Zion National Park

As one of the most amazing natural areas in the country, you will want to see all you can during your short visit to Zion National Park. There are a number of trails to choose amongst, some easy, some extremely difficult. To get the most out of your trip, I have highlighted 3 easy trails which should be suitable for everyone, even beginning hikers.

All of these hikes are short enough that they will not take up all your time, easy enough that you will not be worn out your entire trip, and of course, stunningly beautiful. Take some time to explore these beautiful trails on your trip: each hike enables you to get lost in a relaxing journey into the magnificent landscapes that make up this unique Southeastern Utah park.

Peaceful river views along the Watchman Trail at Zion National park

The Pa’Rus Trail

Beautiful bike path at Zion National Park

The 3.5 mile Pa’Rus trail, starting directly behind the visitor’s center, is a great way for new Zion visitors to explore the park. Because this trail is scenic, easy, & uncrowded, it’s a great introduction to Zion. While Pa’Rus is not nearly as popular as other options like Emerald Pools, you will still experience stunning views of the rocks and river, only with the added bonus of fewer crowds.

Gorgeous Pa'Rus Trail at Zion National Park
Amazing views along the Pa'rus Trail at Zion National Park
Towering views along the Pa'rus trail at Zion National Park
Serene views of the river along the Pa'rus trail at Zion National Park

By far the easiest trail in Zion with a completely flat course, both walking and biking are options.  A leisurely bike ride is the best way to take in the wonderful landscapes as you can easily do the whole course twice in little more than an hour, saving you some time (over walking), so you can explore even more of this beautiful area of the country!

Emerald Pools Trail

Beautiful overlook along the Emerald Pools trail at Zion National Park

The Emerald Pools trail is the go-to hike at Zion. Despite the crowds, it’s more than worthy of your time for the beautiful overlooks and pretty waterfalls. There are 3 stopping points on this trail: Lower, Middle, and Upper Emerald Pools. This is nice because it allows hikers of all ability levels to continue on to their own comfort level.

The Lower Emerald Pools trail is an easy, paved journey just over half a mile, which leads hikers to a pretty waterfall (flow will vary based on time of year). Here, you have the option of continuing on another mile to the Upper Pool or heading back.

View of the Lower Emerald Pools path at Zion National Park
Standing under the waterfall on theLower Emerald Pools trail at Zion National Park
Lower Emerald Pools waterfall at Zion National Park

The trek to Upper Emerald Pools is an amazing journey, with gorgeous overlooks of the canyon throughout and ending at a spectacular waterfall. If your fitness level permits, I recommend continuing forward from the Lower Pools to the Upper. The course is moderately tough consisting of uneven rocky terrain and is much more difficult than the paved Lower trail. A bit rough and tough, although totally worth it for regular hikers who don’t mind a bit of a workout (be aware that the effort will feel much more intense than normal due to the high elevation and dry weather).

Scenic views along the Emerald Pools trail at Zion National Park
Beautiful views from the Emerald Pools trail at Zion National Park
Upper Emerald Pools waterfall at Zion National Park
Beautiful waterfall on the Emerald Pool hike at Zion

Overall, the Emerald Pools Trails is definitely worthy of your time, no matter how far you choose to hike. The views are fantastic in every direction and the abundant trees and lush surroundings make it feel like a true escape despite the numerous other hikers enjoying the trail. Tip: visit during the winter season and enjoy the low tourist traffic!

Bridge crossing on the Emerald Pools trail at Zion National Park

Watchman Trail

Hiking the Watchman Trail at Zion National Park

The Watchman Trail, also starting from the visitor’s center, features a steep climb up to a pretty overlook. From here, you will take a short little loop, while exploring wonderful views of the rock formations, including beautiful Watchman Tower. The 1.3 mile trek up is a bit of a workout, although not overly exhausting, and definitely worth it for the magnificent views and peaceful atmosphere.

Gorgeous morning views along the Watchman Trail at Zion National Park
A morning hike along the Watchman Trail at Zion National Park
Great views of the Watchman Tower from the Watchman Trail at Zion

The climb down is really easy with almost no effort required at all on your part. Basically, after the trek up you can enjoy your time on the way back, take more pictures, and be on the lookout for any wildlife.

Views of the rocks near the end of the Watchman Trail at Zion
A beautiful overlook along the Watchman Trail at Zion National Park
A view of the stunning scenery along Zion's Watchman Trail

Peaceful views of the Virgin River greet you at the end of your hike.

Quiet river and red rocks views on the Watchman Trail at Zion National Park

Watchman is especially beautiful at sunrise – no crowds, lots of wildlife (we saw plenty of deer), and cooler temperatures with the absence of the sun beating directly in your face.

Deer at Zion National Park in the early morning hours

Overall, Watchman really is one of the most enjoyable hikes at Zion: one which offers spectacular scenery, a quiet setting, and a nice little workout, making it a must add-on to your Zion itinerary.

Where to eat after your hike?

Zion Pizza and Noodle Co in Springdale Utah

Zion Pizza Company, located in downtown Springdale just minutes from the entrance, is a nice choice post-hike due to the carb heavy menu consisting of themed pizzas, pastas, and Stromboli. Lots of creative choices here including a Hippy Pizza with basically everything on it and a Southwestern themed Chicken Pizza (both pictured below).

Hippy pizza at Zion Pizza Co in Springdale Utah

Zion Pizza has a beautiful outdoor patio with magnificent views of the red rocks. After your hike, treat yourself to a filling pizza, relax and recover for a bit, all while soaking in more views of the incredible surrounding landscapes. What a treat after all that hiking!

Scenic views from Zion Pizza Co in Springdale Utah

Where to find a great cup of coffee?

Deep Creek Coffee Shop in Springdale Utah

No Starbucks or generic coffee chains are found anywhere in the area (fortunately). However, you will find a pretty decent local shop known as Deep Creek Coffee that serves great espresso drinks and offers a scenic 2nd floor outdoor patio to take in the views. Whether you need a caffeine boost to get you going in the morning pre-hike or an energizing boost after a full morning of hiking, a steaming hot drink at Deep Creek is sure to do the trick.

Their espresso drinks are wonderful, a real surprise for such a small town. Try an Americano or Mocha – both absolutely delicious.

Mocha at Deep Creek Cofee Shop in Springdale Utah

What could be better than waking up with a steaming espresso drink, while surrounded by gorgeous Zion?  Really, who can get enough of these views? Deep Creek is so much better than a typical Starbucks, offering higher quality drinks, friendlier service, and breathtaking views!

Coffee with a view at Deep Creek Coffee in Springdale Utah

Where to stay?

Majestic View Lodge in Springdale Utah - 3 mile from Zion National park

Zion Lodge is the only available in-park lodging. It’s a convenient option as it is located directly across from the Emerald Pools trail and is a stopping point for the free shuttle which takes you around to various Zion points of interest. As a drawback, it’s pricey and often sold out.

If you are looking for a more budget friendly option, consider the Majestic View Lodge. Located just 3 miles from the entrance and offering a free shuttle to town, it’s still a convenient option. Plus, it is quieter and less congested due to the distance away from the string of hotels downtown.

Amenities include a great outdoor pool and hot tub (open year-round), a rustic themed steakhouse overlooking the red rocks, and attractive woodsy themed rooms, all with a private patio facing the stunning rocks.

Geat views surrounding Majestic View Lodge near Zion National Park
The pool at Majestic View Lodge

What else to do?

*Stroll around downtown Springdale. Home to local restaurants, shops, and gorgeous views in every direction, it’s the perfect place to take a break from the trails. Be sure to try out a delicious piece of homemade candy from Springdale Candy Company!

Pretty downtown Springdale Utah in winter

*Enjoy a cruise (or shuttle ride) down the Zion Canyon Scenic Drive. This gorgeous, yet short 6 mile drive features never ending spectacular views of the quaint Virgin River and towering rock formations.

Zion Canyon scenic drive in winter
Zion towering rock formations as viewing from the Zion Canyon Scenic Drive
Close up of an arch along the Zion Canyon Scenic Drive
Gorgeous views of the river on the Zion National Park Scenic Drive

*Plan for Breakfast at the Majestic View Steakhouse. Offering the top views in town, great food, and a charming rustic interior, Arkansas Al’s inside the Majestic View Lodge, is without a doubt, the best place for breakfast in the Zion area. While enjoying a stuffed omelet or fluffy piece of French Toast, you will be surrounded by peaceful views of Zion via the floor-to-ceiling windows. You really cannot top the views at Majestic View, hence the name!

Beautiful Majestic View Lodge in Zion National Park
Great views from Arkansas Als Steakhouse inside Majestic View Lodge