Circus show at Circus, Circus – The daily Circus Acts show starts at 11am. Jugglers, trapeze artists, and acrobatic acts are just some of the sights you may see at the world’s largest permanent circus.

Chocolate Fountain at the Bellagio – See the world’s largest chocolate fountain (27 feet tall) at the Bellagio, a true feast for the eyes for any chocoholics out there. Located at Jean Phillippe Pastisrie, a tasty treat shop that might just have you walking out with a few truffles.

World's tallest chocolate fountain at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, Nevada
The World’s Tallest Chocolate Fountain

Flamingo Wildlife Habitat – For a true escape from the desert, plan for a stroll around the Flamingo’s Wildlife Habitat. With lush landscaping, flamingos, exotic birds, and waterfalls, you will forget you are in the desert in no time. A truly relaxing, beautiful place – a must for anyone seeking a mini escape from the dry desert surroundings.

The Wildlife Habitat at The Flamingo in Las Vegas NV
The Wildlife Habitat at the Flamingo – a relaxing place for a mid day stroll!

A helicopter ride is a must add to your bucket list

Although quite pricey & super short, an exhilarating helicopter ride is the most exciting way to take in all the excitement of The Strip. It’s definitely worth the splurge for the incredible views. Groupon often has a number of fantastic deals available.

Looking for a relaxing, low key getaway?

The free flamingo wildlife habitat at the Flamingo in Las Vegas NV
Taking a stroll around the Wildlife Habitat at The Flamingo is hands down one of the most relaxing things you could possibly do on The Strip!

Surprisingly, it is still possible to enjoy a relaxing Vegas getaway, as in the case of celebrating an anniversary or special birthday. You just need to know where to look! Avoid the high traffic, stressful activities and attractions in favor of these 10 relaxing Vegas activities. 

Best shopping area

Lovely setting at the Grand Canal Shoppes at The Venetian

There are way too many shopping areas in Vegas nowadays in my opinion. Who wants to take a vacation somewhere new, yet do the same things you can do at home? While I typically avoid all the shopping areas, I have to admit the Venetian Grand Canal Shoppes is by far the nicest of the bunch. While Caesars Forum Shops is nice, the endless walking for what seems like days, is just too much when you are already on your feet all day. On the other hand, if you are looking for a workout, by all means, Caesars is a great choice ­čÖé

Sign up for Player’s Club cards

Although not as common as in the past, some casinos still give out initial freebies for signing up for their card. The Palms for example lets you spin a wheel where you can get all sorts of freebies including free game play, a free buffet, etc. Aside from freebies, you will enjoy discounts off buffets, free game play when you spend a certain amount, and various other promotions. As for The Strip casinos, The Wynn and the Cosmopolitan offer the best initial freebies.

Dealing with the dry desert climate

Amazing scenery from Red Rock Canyon in Vegas

Be prepared for the harsh dry desert climate

A humidifier does wonders for keeping sinuses moist in a dry desert climate like Vegas. If you are not used to the dry climate, the humidifier really is a lifesaver in order to prevent the dreaded sinus headache and congestion. Mini travel humidifiers are cheap, small, and work the effective. Also bring with a good facial moisturizer, body lotion, and chapstick. Wear sunblock – it will help prevent sunburn, as well as keeping your skin from drying out. Do not be surprised if you have to reapply lip balm every hour or so – chapped lips are a common daily hassle of living in such a dry desert climate!

For guests with allergies (as well as the health conscious), consider a Stay Well Room at MGM

Stay Well rooms at the MGM are a fantastic healthier alternative for guests with allergies, as well as anyone else seeking a healthier hotel experience. As we tend to get sick much easier during travel & hotel rooms do not help as they are loaded with germs, a room designed to keep away these germs may be just what the doctor ordered. 

These special MGM rooms can help ward off exposure to new germs. Some of the unique features in these rooms include a Vitamin C infused shower, a dawn simulator alarm clock, and warm white light room lighting. Each room is guaranteed non smoking and includes an air purification system, as well as a mattress made from plant extracts and hypoallergenic materials.

Stay hydrated

Keep alcohol drinking to a minimum. Always carry a water bottle around with you. Drink plenty of water before bed to prevent dehydration in the morning.

Getting around Vegas

Las Vegas Blvd sign

Distances between casinos are very deceiving 

The casino resorts are much, much further apart than they appear! Just walking past Caesars Palace feels like it takes days! While you may think getting from the Bellagio to the The Mirage is a simple walk, your feet will be killing you and your frustration level high once you see how far they really are apart! While it appears to be short, The Strip is actually 4 miles long and walking it actually feels & takes longer as you often have to take many staircases and detours to get around. There is no simple walk in a straight line. Really it feels like an obstacle course constantly going up, down and around which just adds more to the frustration!

A view of just a portion of The Strip from above. Look how far the distance is between the Mandalay Bay and the Cosmopolitan. Looks much closer when you are on the road but it takes forever!

Consider purchasing an all day monorail pass

The monorail is a quick, convenient, & cost friendly alternative to taking pricey cabs everywhere. For those of us who have already seen all the shows on the Strip and would like to skip the miles of endless exploring, the monorail comes in handy. An unlimited 1 day pass is just $13. Trains arrive every 4-8 minutes so there is never a long wait and the hours are pretty decent (7am-Midnight to 3am depending on day of the week).

Choose airport shuttles as opposed to taxis

While not as glamorous, a budget friendly shuttle is the way to go if you are trying to keep costs down. Round-trip to hotels on the strip is just $12 and downtown just $15. Some resorts offer free shuttles.