Casperan Beach

Beautiful views at Casperan Beach

Casperan Beach, located in Venice about 15 minutes from Sarasota, is known as the Shark Tooth Capital of the World. Due to the unique geography and historical significance, it is one of the most interesting beaches on the Gulf Coast. It is very rocky and features a drastically different, yet very appealing, look over other area beaches. It’s a nice change of scenery.

View of peaceful Casperan Beach in Venice, Florida

Here are a few things you will notice about Casperan: the sand is much darker here, the beach is more narrow, and it is filled with all different sorts of shells. The views are absolutely stunning, and it feels almost as if you are at a New England beach, rather than a Florida beach.  During your visit, you will see many people out with their shell sifters, looking for shark teeth. This great tool will help separate shells from teeth (you can find one at a local Wal-Mart or tourist shop in downtown Venice).

Looking for shark teeth with a "Florida Snow Shovel"
Looking for shark teeth

Casperan is all around a beautiful beach. It doesn’t get too crowded on the weekends, so no matter when you visit there will be peace and quiet. All you can hear is the crashing of the waves over the rocks. To see a Florida beach in such a natural state is just wonderful. There is absolutely no commercialization found anywhere near the beach. A simple, yet stunning choice for anyone looking to relax.

Relaxing and searching for shark teeth
Relaxing and searching for shark teeth

It’s not the best beach for swimming or laying out, however, if you love beach-combing and photography, it’s a great choice!

Grab your sifter, snorkeling equipment and head over to Casperan for a fun-filled, yet relaxing, beach-combing adventure.

Venice Beach

A January evening at Venice Beach

Venice, located just 30 minutes south of Sarasota, is a beautiful small town on the Gulf Coast. There is plenty of natural beauty to be found including numerous beaches and parks. The beaches here are all amazingly beautiful. Besides Casperan Beach, Venice is another must-see on your visit, and luckily it’s only a few miles from Casperan, so you can easily hit up both on the same day!

Like Casperan, shark teeth are commonly found here, although not in as high quantities. However, this beach features a wider stretch of sand to enjoy beach sports, a little bit of sunbathing, or a little light reading on a mild afternoon. Plus, the sunsets here are spectacular! Check out a few views below.

Sunset in Venice Beach, Florida
Sunset at Venice Beach, Florida
Beautiful sunset in Venice, Florida
Amazing sunset at Venice Beach in Florida

Venice Beach is a nice quiet little beach away from the tourist crowds found in other areas of Florida. The sand is smooth, everything is clean, and the water is perfect for swimming. Beach-combing is very popular here so bring your sifter and a bag to collect all your finds. Also be sure to bring your camera as the views are absolutely wonderful.

After your day at the beach, you can head over to the nearby shops and restaurants (just a few blocks away). It’s perfect because the shops and restaurants are not located directly on the beach, however, they are still close enough to compliment your beach day.

The historic downtown features numerous cafes, restaurants, and shops. The area is quaint and nicely landscaped, allowing you to take a step back in time versus visiting a standard chain mall area. Here you will find many charming sidewalk cafes and beautiful waterfront setting restaurants as opposed to the standard suburban area chains and strip malls. Do check out Columbia, one of the world’s largest and oldest Spanish restaurants. The original location opened in Tampa’s historic Ybor City back in 1905.

Vegetable Paella at Columbia restaurant in Tampa, Florida
Vegetable Paella