3. Oregano’s Italian Bistro

Oreganos Pizza Bistro in Flagstaff AZ

For those craving traditional Italian, Phoenix area chain Oregano’s is your best bet. As Oregano’s was started by a Chicago family, it is well known for serving authentic Chicago style thin crust & deep dish pizza. Asides from pizza, Oregano’s offers a whole lineup of likely unhealthy (go ahead and treat yourself – you are on vacation!), but totally delicious pasta entrees, appetizers, sides, and desserts.

Must try specialties include the Bollo Pasta (all-you-can-eat angel hair marinara pasta for just 7 bucks), Alfredo the Dark (pasta topped with a creamy Southwestern style sauce with several cheeses, jalapenos, tomatoes, and poblano peppers), the Guaca-Tony (a huge pizza crust topped with a big dollop of guacamole), and the Boom Dip (the most delicious spinach artichoke dip around). For dessert (if you can handle any more food that is), treat yourself to the Original Pizza Cookie, a half pound of your choice of cookie topped with ice cream. Be prepared to wait as Oregano’s is one popular local restaurant – luckily it is worth the wait!

Spinach artichoke dip at Oregano's in Flagstaff AZ
The best app is definitely the tasty Boom dip (spinach, artichoke, and creamy cheese served with pizza chips!)
Unlimited pasta at Oregano's in Flagstaff AZ
The Bollo Pasta – unlimited angel hair pasta topped with housemade marinara and served with garlic bread! The best treat after a full day of hiking!
Cookie cake at Oreganos Pizza Bistro in Flagstaff AZ
The dessert cookie cake – try it if you are not completely stuffed!

4. Zenith Steakhouse

Zenith Steakhouse at the Twin Arrows Casino in Flagstaff AZ

Zenith is a wonderful steakhouse located inside the Twin Arrows casino (about 30 minutes outside of town). It may seem like quite a drive, however, considering the fantastic food, ambiance, and service, it’s worthy of the extra time involved in comparison to waiting in line at one of the overcrowded touristy dining options. Zenith offers the best ambiance of any fine dining restaurant in the area. The service here is several knotches above the best in town. The beautiful Najavo inspired design is outstanding, making Zentih the top choice for a romantic date night. The Chicken Parmesan and Mediterranean Seafood Pasta are both must trys! And do not worry if you are a vegetarian – the Mushroom Risotto is sure to please just about anyone!

Pan fried chicken at Zenith Steakhouse in Flagstaff AZ
The Pan Fried Chicken is delicious!
Mushroom risotto at Zenith Steakhouse in Flagstaff AZ
Zenith offers serveral options for vegetarians – check out the delicious Wild Mushroom risotto!
Nice setting at Zenith Steakhouse in Flagstaff AZ
Zenith offers the perfect setting for celebrating a date or special occasion!