Enjoying the views at Tumanoc Hill in Tucson

Tumanoc Hill is a local Tucson hotspot for getting in a scenic workout close to the city. This urban oasis is one of the best options when it comes to hiking with a picturesque urban landscape. A very steep climb of approximately 1.5 miles leads you to a scenic overlook of the entire city. Along the way up, you will take in nice views of the mountains as well as the beautiful Saguaro cactus.

A few pics from my sunrise hike

A scenic overlook of Tucson from the top of Tumanoc Hill

A beautiful Tucson sunrise from Tumanoc Hill

Views of the city from Tumanoc Hill in Tucson

Blooming Saguaro cactus in Tumanoc Hill in Tucson

Early morning views on Tumanoc Hill

Enjoying peaceful sunrise scenery while hiking Tumanoc Hill in Tucson

Tall Saguaro cactus on Tumanoc Hill

Saguaro at sunrise on Tumanoc Hill in Tucson

With an elevation gain of 800 feet, this is no easy hike. Although the road up is paved, it’s still quite a challenging workout even for the regular hiker. Thus, if you are looking to get in a nice invigorating cardio workout outside in a nice natural setting vs. inside on a boring treadmill, Tumanoc is a great alternative. Just be prepared for an intense workout!

Steep climb up Tumanoc Hill in Tucson

Check out how steep this path is! Imagine walking uphill for over a mile straight!

One of the major benefits of Tumanoc is the convenient location, which is just minutes from downtown. Most of Tucson’s trails are located at least 30 minutes outside of town, making Tumanoc a great choice for those limited on time. Plus, there are lots of great restaurants and coffee shops nearby, and we all know that we should eat a good breakfast after an intense workout! I recommend stopping at Mercado San Agustin, a beautiful outdoor marketplace, for a delicious cup of coffee at Presta and a hearty Mexican breakfast at Seis.

Be aware that constant brutal 100+ degree summer temperatures make hiking Tumanoc unbearable at any time during the desert summer season. Although many hikers still choose to set their alarm for 5am or so to “beat the heat,” even morning hikes offer little respite from the heat of the desert. I have hiked this trail at sunrise and the temps are still too uncomfortable, especially for a steep climb like Tumanoc. Keep in mind that summer temps often reach the 90′ by 6am, and adding in a rough uphill climb makes it that much harder. Additionally, the trail offers zero shade so on the trip downhill the sun will likely be shining directly on you, making it feel 20 degrees hotter. The “but it’s a dry heat!” myth comes into play here! In short, plan hiking Tumanoc in the cooler spring, fall, and winter months. Drink plenty of water before your hike as well as during the walk.

Tumanoc is owned by the University of Arizona and used as a research center. The desert laboratory is a site of ongoing research. You’ll see a few signs informing you to stay on the path, which would be wise anyways as getting stung by a cactus is not fun! Additionally, the Steward Observatory of U of A maintains a small observatory at the top of the hill. Tumanoc was home to the Hohokam tribe 1300 years ago and is the site of the earliest trincheras village. More than 400 petroglyphs have been found.

One thing is for sure – hiking this beautiful trail definitely beats climbing a stair master for an hour in an overcrowded gym! Hiking Tumanoc is a great way to get outside the house, enjoy a fantastic overall body workout, and take in the scenery of both the Sonoran desert and the city of Tucson simultaneously.


Avoid summer visits. If hiking in the summer is our only option, arrive by 6am at the latest.

Wear sunglasses and sunblock

Wear a camelback or bring a large water bottle

Make sure you are physically able to walk up a very steep hill for 1.5 miles

Wear workout clothes and gym shoes!

Bring your camera. There are lots of pics to take of the mountains and Saguaro!

Wear a GPS watch so you can track your mileage. It seems to make the time go by faster!

Stop for breakfast afterwards at Seis, located in a lovely little Mexican marketplace known as Mercado San Agustin

Directions & Parking

Tumanoc Hill is located at W Anklam Rd & Tumamoc Hill Rd Tucson, AZ 85707. Parking is free, although it can be a hassle to find especially near sunrise and sunset. Unfortunately pets are not allowed. Hiking is not allowed on weekdays from 7:30am-5:30pm