Camelback Mountain Hike - Phoenix, AZ

Camelback Mountain is a challenging hike in Phoenix, Arizona. I love the idea of having a hiking area in the middle of an urban city; it’s a great way to get out and get some exercise in at the beginning or end of the day.

Camelback Mountain hike - Phoenix, AZ

This popular recreational area within Phoenix was suggested to us by a family member while vacationing in the area. I absolutely loved this hike; a fabulous workout with a great uphill climb. I prefer desert hiking as the peaceful serenity brings you closer to nature.

Scenic views at a Camelback Mountain hike in Phoenix, AZ

There are 2 main trails here, The Echo Canyon and The Cholla Trail. The Echo Canyon hike is a little over a mile each way, which makes it great for a weekend morning workout (before it gets too hot!). The views of Phoenix and the surrounding mountains are amazing.

Camelback Mountain hike - Phoenix, AZ

Camelback Mountain hike views - Phoenix, AZ

Whether you are a local or tourist, get out there and enjoy a little bit of time away from the city. I know I will be back on my next visit!

Cactus at Camelback Mountain - Phoenix, AZ

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Address: 5701 N. Echo Canyon Pkwy Phoenix, AZ 85073


Bring with a lot of water
Bring with a camera; there are lots of great photos to take of the city, cactuses, mountains, etc.
Follow the marked paths
Keep an eye out for snakes
Go early in the morning or late in the evening to avoid the heat
Don’t exercise in extreme temperatures