A fall hike at Myles Standish State Forest -beautiful reflection

A bike ride through New England in the fall months makes for a perfect Halloween! My bf and I decided to take a scenic fall bike ride through Myles Standish State Forest in Carver, Massachusetts. The setting was perfect for Halloween – dark, cloudy, colored leaves scattered among the ground.In addition, this forest is one of the supposed haunted locations in Massachusetts. There is supposedly an old abandoned mental institution that lies somewhere in the forest and also several murders took place here in the 1970s, which could account for the reported ghost sightings.

Myles Standish State Forest offers 15 miles of great bike trails. The trails are definitely a workout (lots of hills). The views are fantastic and it is never overly crowded, which is a major bonus as heavy bike traffic wouldn’t be good! It is definitely a spooky feeling going through the woods – not many other people around, dark and gloomy, and lots of fallen down trees. Even though I get a creepy feeling, I still love biking here for the scenic views and fabulous leg workout. Check out some of the pictures from our fall bike ride!

Bike ride - Myles Standish

Myles Standish State Forest Path viewsMyles Standish State Forest Views

Myles Standish State Forest - trees

Myles Standish State Forest
194 Cranberry Rd
Carver, MA 02366