There are several very steep climbs during this hike. Check out some of the pictures below to get an idea.

Uphill climb at Blue Hills ObservationUphill climb at Blue Hills ReservationDownhill climb at Blue Hills Reservation downhill trek blog

A few more beautiful views along the way…

Views while hiking at Blue Hills ReservationHiking path at Blue Hills Reservation in MassachusettsBeautiful scenery at Blue Hills Reservation in MassachusettsScenic Blue Hills Reservation in MassachusettsForest views at Blue Hills Reservation in MassachusettsAfter your hike, you can take a walk over to the nature center. Here you will find a few small animals such as otters, owls, and various small animals. You will also find the Trailside Museum, which holds information about animals and plants found within the reservation.

Pond at Blue Hills Reservation in MassachusettsTurtles at Blue Hills Reservation in MassachusettsI enjoyed my day hiking at Blue Hills. In the future, Mike and I would love to go back and complete the entire Skyline Trail. Unfortunately on this visit, we were not prepared
for a lengthy hike.

Blue Hills is a beautiful park. It is amazing that this reservation is located just 15 minutes outside of Boston. What a great way to spend a weekend afternoon
exploring nature, exercising, and enjoying a peaceful escape outside of the city.

Tips for your hike

*Bring several water bottles. I did not see any water stations along the trail. You will need plenty of water, especially if you are completing a lot of mileage or not
used to strenuous uphill hikes. I recommend a camelback (backpack with a built in water holder). This handy backpack not only holds a lot of water, but also comes with
the added bonus of freeing up your arms.

*Plan your hike early in the morning. It took us approximately 4 hours to hike 7 miles. There is a lot of uphill and downhill climbing which takes up extra time.

* Limit coffee and tea before your hike, due to the diuretic effects of the drinks.

*You can get better pictures of the skyline if you bring with a camera with a high zoom lens.

*Wear shorts – I made the mistake of wearing pants. The combination of heat and climbing up big hills makes for a strenous workout. I was definitely overheated with
the long pants.

Address: 1904 Canton Avenue Milton, MA 02186
Visit the Blue Hills website for trail maps.