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An Oasis in the Desert: The Beautiful Emerald Pools Trail at Zion

Zion National Park is easily one of the country’s most stunning national parks. Nature lovers will love the variety of trails, the scenic drive, and many opportunities for bird and wildlife watching. Hiking is definitely the number one thing to do at Zion. Emerald Pools is one ...

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Attraction of the Week: The Scenic Pa’Rus Trail at Zion National Park

There is only one word for Zion National Park: breathtaking. The Southwestern Utah Park is one of the most gorgeous natural wonders in the Western US. It comes at no surprise that the Hebrew meaning of the word Zion is “a place of peace and relaxation.” Zion is such a peaceful place ...

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Where Four States Meet: Four Corners Monument

An interesting & offbeat roadside attraction to visit if you find yourself driving through Southwestern Colorado, Northwestern New Mexico, Southeastern Utah, or Northeastern Arizona is Four Corners Monument. Truly a sight to behold, as it is the only place in the country where 4 states ...

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10 Tips for Western Road Trips

Driving through the Western US is beautiful, although you need to be prepared for what comes along with driving through long stretches of barren land, diverse geography, and oftentimes harsh weather. Driving out West is much different than taking a road trip across any other area of the country. ...

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An afternoon in Salt Lake City

This Saturday, we took a day trip to Salt Lake City from Idaho Falls. The drive to get here was long and boring with 3 hours of barren desert scenery, although when we finally arrived, we agreed that Salt Lake City is a gorgeous city. The mountains surrounding the city are spectacular. As we ...

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