Hobo Pool - Natural Hot Springs - Saratoga, Wyoming

On a long trip from Idaho to Chicago, Mike and I decided to take an hour detour to a natural hot springs in Saratoga, Wyoming. Open year-round, 24/7, the Hobo Pool is the perfect place to relax after long hours on the road. It may seem weird to pull over and jump into a 100+ degrees hot springs, however, you would be surprised on what a nice break it makes! It was great to get in the hot waters after stepping out into the freezing winter air; it was even snowing a bit outside which made for the perfect winter setting!

Hobo Pool hot springs in Saratoga, Wyoming

How hot is the water? What are the benefits of hot springs?

Water from a hot springs is heated by geothermal heat. The springs, which vary in temperatures from 108-119 degrees, are believed to be healing waters. Although the Sulfur occurring naturally in the springs has a strong odor, it is supposedly good for your skin, detoxifies your body, and helps with many other conditions. The other naturally occurring minerals help ease problems such as arthritis, sore muscles, and joint pain. Sounds nice after a long ride doesn’t it?

A great free roadside detour

I have visited several hot springs out West; Hobo Pool has been one of the best. This one was large enough to accommodate plenty of people and the water was hotter than others, which was ideal for the winter weather. This is also the only one I have visited with no fee (the City of Saratoga maintains the pool). Consider a stop by Saratoga’s Hobo Pool on your next Western road trip!

Additional Details

Admission: Free (there is a donation box)

Hours: 24/7 all year

Address: 201 S. River St. Saratoga, WY 82331