20. Host a Halloween Party

Decorate the house, have all your guests wear costumers, and encourage everyone to bring a creative fall dish. Play classic Halloween movies in the background. You won’t even think twice about the hot weather outside if the atmosphere is festive enough inside!

21. Plan a horror movie marathon

Nothing really says Halloween is on the way quite like a long day of lazying around watching your favorite horror/Halloween movies. A few of my personal must sees this time of year include Hocus Pocus, Halloweentown, Thirteen Ghosts, The Craft, Watcher in the Woods, 1409, Child’s Play, House of Wax, Fright Night, The Cabin in the Woods, and the Scream series. 

22. Take a scenic fall drive

Gorgeous fall colors along Snowbowl Rd in Flagstaff, Arizona

A few scenic options include Snowbowl Road and Hwy 180 in Flagstaff, Oak Creek Canyon in between Sedona and Flagstaff, and the Rim Road/General Crook Trail Scenic Drive near Happy Jack.

23. Go camping

Simply being outside in a beautiful natural setting, enjoying the crisp cool weather, is often one of the most overlooked aspects of fall. Oak Creek Canyon and the Grand Canyon are great options. Spend some time soaking up the beauty of nature in the cooler portions of the Northern Portion of the state. And don’t forget to bring with some S’mores!

24. Check out all the costumes and crazy decorations at Spirit Halloween


You will find that it is hard to not feel Halloweenish as soon as you step through the doors of everyone’s favorite seasonal Halloween store, Spirit. No matter what the temp is outside, it feels like Halloween as soon as you walk through the doors! Aside from the biggest costume selection anywhere, Spirit has so many great Halloween displays and the most festive decorations to browse through or add to your Halloween collection.

25. Light pumpkin spice candles

They say that scents can really impact your mood and well being. Just smelling a fall inspired scent will bring back great memories of seasons past. So why not light a few seasonal candles to enhance the fall atmosphere?

26. Scan the holiday sections at stores like Kohls and Michaels


Michaels has tons of great Halloween decorations including the best Halloween village anywhere. The Lemax Spooky Town Halloween village is such a cute addition to any Halloween collection and simply fun to look at even if you do not plan on buying anything. Kohls also has lots of great budget friendly Halloween decor, with everything from wall hangings, to jewelry, to shower curtains!

27. Check October movie releases for upcoming horror movies


For example, The Blair Witch and Don’t Breathe both have October releases this year, making them a great choice if you are looking for a scary movie to see on the big screen this fall season. Also, most AMC theaters screen Halloween sometime around the last week of October.

28. Start a new scary series on Netflix

A few great choices include Supernatural, The Secret Circle, The Witches of East End, and American Horror Story. It’s impossible not to get into the Halloween spirit while watching these spooky shows! And for some old-fashioned fun, you must check out Goosebumps and The Haunting Hour!

29. Pick acorns, pinecones, and/or colored leaves and turn them into holiday craft projects


I love to pick pinecones on the trails and then decorate them in purple and orange glitter for Halloween. The same goes for mini pumpkins. Buy a bunch of pumpkins and get creative with carvings or craft designs. It will make the house feel fall festive in no time at all! And of course, there are so many unique crafts you can enjoy using gorgeous colored leaves. So plan a few days out on the trails and start collecting essentials for your fall craft projects!

30. Make pumpkin hot cocoa and top it with pumpkin marshmallows

Yes, this drink is absolutely delicious and you can find many variations on Pinterest to suit your personal taste buds and dietary preferences. And, yes strangely enough, they do make Pumpkin Marshmallows! Find them at a natural foods store like Whole Foods or Sprouts. If you really want to go pumpkin crazy, you can even find a recipe online for pumpkin whip cream!

31. Embrace the natural climate & culture of southern Arizona


Be fortunate that you live somewhere with beautiful mild & sunny fall and winter weather! Many who hate cold, humid, and dreary climates would gladly change places with you! Even if you miss out on some of the great aspects of fall, you will have a much milder winter than many other areas across the country. Come winter, you will be happy not to shovel snow and scrape ice off your car! Basically you are trading one month or so of gorgeous fall weather for 4-5 months of nice winter and spring weather!

What are some of your favorite seasonal activities to get into the fall spirit in warm climates like Phoenix?