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Islesboro, Maine: A Peaceful Retreat Away from the Mainland

Islesboro Island Lighthouse

Islesboro Maine is an island located off the coast of Maine, which is only accessible by ferry from Lincolnville, Maine. I had the opportunity to live in this popular summer colony a few years back. A handful of celebrities have residences on this small island including John Travolta and Kirstie Alley. The year round population is only around 500 while the summer population soars to over 2000. The inaccessibility, friendly residents, and beautiful scenery make this island a relaxing escape and popular summer home destination. A 30 minute ferry ride from Lincolnville Beach takes you over to the beautiful island.

Islesboro ferry

There are ocean views everywhere you look on this small island (about 14 miles long -approximately the size of Manhattan). There is natural beauty and ocean views everywhere you turn. There are a few great summer only restaurants including The Dark Harbor Shop and The Snack Shack (a popular hangout while waiting for the ferry). The island recently completed a Community Center, which offers a fitness center, cafe, and ongoing events and activities.

Islesboro beach

Islesboro scenery

One of my favorite things to do on the island was searching for Sea Glass. Sea glass is made from very old glass that has been tumbling for years along the rocky shore of the ocean. I have found a lot of great pieces including an old bottle stopper. Check out a few of my pictures below!

Islesboro Sea Glass

Old bottle stopper found in Islesboro

Seaglass found in Islesboro

Islesboro Maine is a great vacation for those looking to relax and not be bothered! Enjoying nature, relaxing, hunting for beach treasures, and taking in the spectacular scenery sum up a trip to the island. For more information on the town, visit the following website. Please visit the Island Property website for information on summer rentals.


  1. Thanks! More photos to come on my summer trip to Maine.

    • ZombieGirl
    • March 29, 2013  at  11:15 PM

    I have always wanted to venture out to Maine. These photos are breathtaking and have rekindled my interest in the area!

  2. Islesboro doesn’t have many restaurants, however, there are a lot of seafood options along the Central coast of Maine. I am not a seafood fan but my boyfriend has enjoyed all the waterfront restaurants serving seafood in the area.

    • mudrock
    • March 22, 2013  at  12:23 AM

    I really need to visit the Northeast as soon as possible. The landscape in these pictures look absolutely incredible and breathtaking. I’m sure the restaurants in the area must provide some great fresh seafood.

    • Kat5040
    • March 19, 2013  at  9:50 PM

    What a beautiful place. I love quiet out-of-the-way destinations like this. The pictures of your sea glass are beautiful. My crafty mind starts humming just looking at them.

  3. Thanks! I always try to find hidden gems in an area by talking to locals, etc. However, I also love visiting tourist attractions. A mix of tourist destinations and local gems is the perfect combination!

    • Rachele
    • March 17, 2013  at  7:16 PM

    Thanks for sharing this. So often, we only hear about the ‘headline’ destinations in a country, whereas I am very interested to find out more about places that are off the beaten track. Even in the summer months, with the population swell, I imagine that it would not be over-crowded, and the atmosphere very relaxed and laid back. It looks lovely.

  4. Sea glass is nice for making all sorts of crafts – ornaments, picture frames, etc. A lot of times I find a nice glass vase and display it – purposely placing it near sunlight so that it sparkles even more! Makes a great display and also serves as a reminder of great trips!

    • Jessi
    • March 16, 2013  at  10:34 PM

    Sea glass? I cannot say I have ever seen anybody collect it! I simply try to avoid stepping on that sort of thing because I prefer to be barefoot.

    What do you do with the sea glass after you collect it? It’s very pretty, so I can see all sorts of artistic projects coming about from it.

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