Castle at Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom

As we head into the spring and summer months, we hear of more and more people booking their trips to Walt Disney World. Disney is one of my favorite places – I love the nice sunny weather, the movie themed rides, and the live entertainment. I am thinking of booking a trip there sometime this summer. Below I have listed a few of my favorite rides and attractions – what are your favorites?

The Top 12 Walt Disney World Attractions

Tower of Terror

Tower of Terror at Hollywood Studios is one of my favorite rides. I love the fantastic special effects and that you never know when the elevator drops are coming! Having all the drops vary in feet adds more excitement!

Aerosmith Rock n' Roller

I love the fact that the Aerosmith Rock n’ Roller coaster runs in the dark with amazingly fast speeds all while listening to the music of Aerosmith!

Expedition Everest

Expedition Everest at Animal Kingdom features a surprise special effect before the big drop at the end! Great tricks and turns the entire ride – well worth the very long wait!

The Great Movie Ride

I love how The Great Movie Ride features animatronics from all the classic films. Definitely a great time with fun special effects!Great acting too!

Pirates of the Carribean

Pirates of the Carribean is one of the classic can’t miss rides at Magic Kingdom. You really feel as if you are a pirate going through the elaborate sets and realistic looking figurines.

Haunted Mansion

Loved the special effects and design of The Haunted Mansion ride at the Magic Kingdom.

Extreme Stunt Show

The Extreme Stunt Show at Hollywood Studios is definitely worth a stop – great live show with great tricks and special effects! One of the best live shows at any of the parks!

American Idol Experience

The American Idol Experience is a great time, especially for fans of the TV show. It was fun to get to vote for your favorite singer and listen to judge’s feedback in a live setting – just like actually being at the show!

Magic Kingdom Fireworks show

Wow…the fireworks show at Magic Kingdom is nothing short of amazing. You will want to go back every night of your trip. It’s that good…

Safari ride at Animal Kingdom

The safari ride at Animal Kingdom is a great way to see all the animals in the park and feel like you are on a real-life safari observing animals in their natural setting.

Main Street Electric Parade

The Main Street Parade held each night at the Magic Kingdom is definitely a can’t-miss! Great themed, lit up floats add to the festive atmosphere.

Spaceship Earth

Spaceship Earth is a cool ride in the dark rotating around the inside of the iconic Epcot landmark providing information about technology. At the end there are cool interactive features to play around with.

Other great rides:

Thunder Mountain Railroad – great mountain themed rollercoaster at Magic Kingdom
Kail River Rapids – Fun raft ride at Animal Kingdom that your whole party can enjoy together
Mickey’s 3D show – Awesome 3D show at Magic Kingdom featuring music from the best Disney movies and realistic sights and sounds.