Giant Snake Show

Giant Snake show at the Out of Africa Wildlife Park

The Giant Snake Show is a fun and interactive way to learn about some of the world’s largest and deadliest snakes. You will get to see guests (picked from the audience) interacting with these snakes via the guidance of an experienced caretaker. It is really interesting to learn what really makes snakes attack, along with proper handling techniques. In general, watching the staff get so close and feel so comfortable with these feared creatures, is a pretty exciting experience.

Show runs at 2:15pm daily

Wonders of Wildlife Show

Grizzly playing in the water at Out of Africa Wildlife Park

During the Wonders of Wildlife show, of which the spotlight animal varies, you will get the exciting opportunity to see wildlife play and interact in an unrehearsed way. Animals are left to be animals with no provoking or prior training. We were lucky enough to see a grizzly bear during our visit. We learned lots of interesting tidbits about this magnificent animal and got to see the trainers interacting with them (behind a fence of course!). Besides being educational, it was interesting & entertaining to watch the grizzlies being so interactive (even jumping into the pool!) as they are typically lazing around on a typical zoo visit.

Shows runs at 3:00pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday

More great pics from the show!

Trainers working with grizzlies at Out of Africa Wildlife Park

Trainer working with a grizzly at Out of Africa Wildlife Park

Trainer feeding a grizzly at Out of Africa Wildlife park

Grizzly playing in the water at Out of Africa Wildlife Park

Other Activities

Other activities at Out of Africa include an indoor reptile viewing area, tram rides around the sanctuary, and zip line rides (extra fee). In addition, you can pay extra for a 3 hour in depth Behind the Scenes VIP tour.

Ziplining at Out of Africa Wildlife Park

In terms of future improvements, the park could definitely use more landscaping (would be especially helpful during the hot, sunny summer season) and nicer animal enclosures. The enclosures in the walk around section seem to be falling apart and really need some major work. Walking around right now is a bit depressing to be honest. With the chain linked fences and general unmaintained nature, it is just not a nice place to stroll around. However, as they rely on donations and admission fees to provide for the animals, this may not happen for a while. I also recommend more trams as the wait out in the hot desert is just too uncomfortable. As each guest is paying so much to visit the park, there really needs to be more extra precautions for the hot climate, including more frequent trams, trees planted around the grounds, and more covering for the shows. On the plus side, the natural surrounding scenery the park consists of picturesque views of the Mingus Mountains.

Camp Verde is conveniently located just 40 minutes or so outside of Flagstaff and just 20 minutes from Sedona, making it a great addition to any Grand Canyon or Sedona vacation. If you are looking for a full day activity other than a strenuous hike, then Out of Africa Wildlife Park likely will be a great addition to your vacation itinerary.

Lion at Out of Africa Wildlife Park

Tips for a great visit

*Visit during your birthday month for free admission. Based on the limited number of animals you will see and limited number of exhibits, you may not feel like a visit to this park is a great value, especially compared to a cheaper regular zoo. However, keep in mind that the park has no funding, and thus, relies on your admission fee to provide and support for these rescued animals. It’s not the most attractive looking park, nor the biggest, however, you have to love that the animals are all rescued.

*Wear sunblock and a hat. It’s really, really hot in this area of Arizona, and the park is not at all shaded. Even a fall visit is unbearable with the heat. Be sure to arrive early for each show so you can get a seat in the shade.

*Bring with plenty of water. There are no drinking fountains here. If you do not want to waste money purchasing multiple water bottles, then I recommend bringing with at least a full bottle per person, and preferably a camelbak to ensure you have enough.

*I recommend taking the free trams as opposed to walking the park. It will be a really miserable experience attempting to walk around the unmaintained paths in the desert. Take the trams – you are paying for them!

*Be aware of all show times and safari times and plan your visit around these times. There really isn’t much else to do. If you miss the safari or any of the shows, you are more likely to be dissapointed with the overall value.

*If possible, plan a winter visit. The temps will be much more bearable at this time.

Address & Admission Info

Out of Africa Wildlife Park is located at 3505 W. State Route 260 Camp Verde, AZ 86322

Hours are daily from 9:30am-5pm. The park recommends planning about 5 hours for your visit.

Prices are $32.95 for adults, $27.95 for seniors, $14.95 for Child (3-12) plus tax. Discounted tickets are available online, or you can print out coupons to bring to the gate. Don’t forget about the free birthday month admission special!