Hocus Pocus movie sites

Location: Salem & Marblehead, Massachusetts

The Hocus Pocus house in Salem, Massachusetts

Hocus Pocus, the 90’s Halloween classic about a trio of 17th century witches who are accidentally brought back into the 20th century, is a true Halloween classic. And if you haven’t viewed this Halloween favorite yet, get to it! It will likely be your new favorite Halloween tradition. In fact, there will probably never be a more festive Halloween film that brings back so many great memories from the 90’s.

Many of the scenes from this film were shot in various locations throughout Salem. And because it was filmed around the gorgeous fall foliage season, the film really has the ultimate fall/Halloween feel. In Salem, you can take a self guided tour of these sites. The 2 most famous are that of the Dennison’s house and Allison’s mansion – if you haven’t seen the film yet, watch it and you will know the significance of these 2 sites. Although you can tour these houses anytime, it’s so much more festive around Halloween. And be sure to catch the annual showing of Hocus Pocus in Salem Common (2016 date is October 29th). Oh, and be sure to check out the realistic wax figurine of Winifred in the Count Orlok Nightmare Gallery.

More pics of the Hocus Pocus filming locations (Note: Max and Dani’s house from the movie is a private residence. Feel free to drive by and take photos from your vehicle – do not venture onto the private property.

More Halloween fun in Salem: As mentioned earlier, Salem is a guaranteed winner for Halloween fun. There are more than enough options to please every Halloween lover, both young and old. Check Salem’s Haunted Happenings lineup for more ideas.

Count Orlok’s Nightmare Gallery

Location: Salem, Massachusetts

Count Orlok's Nightmare Wax Gallery in Salem, Massachusetts

One of the top things to do in Salem for Halloween (although it is open year-round) is Count Orlok’s Nightmare Gallery, a creative wax museum which is home to all your favorite horror movie villains like Freddy Krueger, Jason, and Pennywise. It’s well worth the small price tag anytime of the year, more so if your Salem visit takes place during the month of October. It’s a must for horror film buffs – that’s for sure!

Around Halloween, they offer a truly terrifying haunted house experience – imagine walking through a creepy wax museum while people jump out and scare you! Special horror movie guests are known to make special appearances throughout October – the kid who plays Andy in Child’s Play 1 and 2 (Alex Vincent) is on the lineup for 2016.

Fall Foliage Hikes

Location: Just about everywhere!

Brilliant fall colors along the Inner Basin hike in Flagstaff, Arizona

Nothing really says fall has arrived until the gorgeous colors of the season start to pop up everywhere. Fortunately, most of us can get out there and explore colorful trails in our area no matter where we live – with the exception of a few places like Southern California, Southern Florida, and Southern Arizona. Even some parts of Arizona see a hint of fall.

In fact, the pretty picture above was taken on the Inner Basin trail in Flagstaff, a high altitude city (7000 ft) in the Northern portion of the state. Other great hikes in this area to look into if planning a fall visit to the area include the Aspen Nature Loop and Veit Springs. Fall is a great time to visit the Grand Canyon as its’ less crowded and the temps are more attractive. If you stay in Flagstaff (just an hour and a half away) you can take advantage of these gorgeous trails. It’s hard to believe that these golden aspens can be found just 2 hours north of Phoenix, an area associated with cacti, brutally hot weather, and obviously not a hint of fall. Nothing really tops a free day out in nature taking in the breathtaking colors of the season while also enjoying the cool, crisp temperatures. Of course, New England has the most gorgeous fall color season in the country. Some of my favorite trails include Minuteman Bikeway, Devil’s Hopyard State Park, and Blue Hills Reservation.