The West Fork Trail

Location: Sedona, Arizona

Why It’s Great: This trail offers the best fall foliage in Sedona with a New Englandish feeling not found anywhere else in Arizona. Great red rock views and 13 fun creek crossings make the trail even more worthwhile.

Fall colors on the West Fork hiking trail in Oak Creek Canyon in Sedona

Oak Creek Canyon, a river gorge located in the Coconino National Forest between the cities of Flagstaff & Sedona, offers a diverse ecosystem not seen anywhere else in the state. The canyon is 12 miles long with a gorgeous year-round flowing stream known as Oak Creek. The diverse variety of deciduous trees makes it the best fall hike for those seeking to observe a wide variety of foliage like you would in an area like New England. While the majority of trails in Arizona are home to solely yellow aspens, the West Fork trail shines with foliage of red, orange, and gold due to the many oak and aspen trees found here.

Fall foliage and red rock views along Sedona's magnificent West Fork hiking trail

Colorful fall foliage on the West Fork hiking trail in Sedona, Arizona

Yellow fall foliage along the West Fork hiking trail in Sedona, Arizona

Pretty orange foliage on Sedona's West Fork hiking trail

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