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Boston Common Coffee Company
515 Washington Street
Boston, MA 02111
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Boston Common Coffee Company has 3 locations in the Boston area: Chinatown, the Financial District, and the North End. I spent a few hours at the Chinatown location. Having been to plenty of great coffee shops in different states, I was dissapointed by my experience at this Boston coffee shop.


I ordered a large coffee in the morning. I did not like that they did not serve it to you in a mug. If I get a coffee out somewhere to sit and relax, I would rather have it in a mug as opposed to a paper cup.

The Caesar salad that I ordered for lunch was appetizing but overpriced (about $7). They have a decent sized cafe menu with plenty of options including wraps, salads, paninis, baked treats, and more. Cafe Menu

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The service here wasn't the best. The baristas did not seem knowledgeable about the coffee - something you should know a little about if you are working in a coffee shop! If I ask if they have a dark roast coffee they should know what that means!

Also, they seemed irritated when you asked for the key to the bathroom. Unfortunately, you have to try to ask them on the side while there is a long line of people waiting to place their order. Oh well, what else are you going to do? Let them be irritated I guess - maybe they shouldn't require a key as it seems more of a hassle then necessary.


This coffee shop was really packed. I was unable to find a seat for 10 minutes. After about an hour I saw one of the 2 couches open up - I moved to a couch and was much more comfortable.

This coffee shop almost feels more like a resturant/cafe to me than other coffee shops I have visited. I didn't feel like they were promotiong a relaixng atmosphere. For example, my favorite coffee shop in Tennessee had blankets on the couches, board games, books, etc. This coffee shop just did not have that relaxing atmopshere. All the tables had notes saying that they were for paying customers which I felt was a bit tacky.

This coffee shop just did not have the ambiance that I am used to seeing at coffee shops. It was a huge dissapointment that the coffee was served in a paper cup. Another thing I did not like was that you had to ask for a key to go to the bathroom - really inconvient when you are drinking coffee and what about the germs?

Gross... This coffee shop is too small, too cramped, and there are only 2 couches to sit at. Who wants to go to a coffee shop and sit at a table? I might as well go out to eat at a restaurant. The only reason I go to a coffee shop is to either relax with a drink and a good book or magazine, or to get work done on my laptop. If I was just going to get my drink and go, then I might as well run in a Starbucks.

Final Remarks

Boston Common Coffee Company was not the best experience for me. I did not like the atmosphere, the drinks served in paper cups, having to request a bathroom key, or the unfriendly service.

Unfortunately, this is one of the biggest coffee shops in the area (even though it is smaller than most others I have been to) so it may be worth a stop if you are looking more for a quick snack or drink as opposed to a relaxing afternoon out.

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