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China Star
101 President Avenue
Fall River, MA 02720
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I love Chinese food so I decided to stop in for take out at China Star in Fall River, Massachusetts. I am a fan of Chinese food and it is so hard to find a place that sells decent fried rice. Unfortunately, China Star failed miserably.


I ordered vegetable fried rice, vegetable soup, and spring rolls. The fried rice was absolutely horrendous - it had some really strange foul odor to it. I couldn't eat it at all - it almost tasted like their was duck in it. The spring rolls and vegetable soup were both decent.

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Service was pretty quick. The order was ready in less than 20 minutes. As soon as I arrived, they brought it out to me.


China Star has 2 locations in Fall River. This location is inside a strip mall near the waterfront. It is more of a take out only restaurant with a small section of seating available for dining inside. It was very crowded when arrived to pick up my order and there was no inside seating available.

Final Remarks

I would never order from China Star again. I hated the fried rice - the odor killed me. Possibly the worst fried rice I have ever tasted. There are plenty of Chinese restaurants around to choose from; don't settle for China Star.

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