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The Edge Restaurant
24 Stonecoast Road U.S. Rte. 1
Lincolnville, ME 04849
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The Edge Restaurant is a fine dining restaurant located inside The Inn at Ocean’s Edge, a resort located in Lincolnville Maine. This review is just for the restaurant, not the actual resort property.


The menu changes frequently and can be viewed inside the inn. Being a vegetarian, I could not find anything I could eat. I ordered a side of roasted potatoes and was brought over about 4 potatoes. I asked if there was any type of spaghetti they could make for me and they brought out some pasta that looked like it could have been Raamen noodles.

The salad consisted of 3 tomatoes. The food was not appetizing and the portions were tiny. The breakfast was a little better and consisted of: fruit, breads, made to order eggs and potatoes, juices, and more, however, the entree portions were very small.

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The waiter was not very friendly or personable. However, on the plus side, when I voiced my complaints about the food and service to the manger, he offered me a free night stay and dinner(where they would customize the menu for me to include more vegetarian options). I appreciated the nice gesture.


The interior of this restaurant was very cramped and everyone's conversations could be heard. This did not make for a romantic atmosphere. However, the ocean views were fabulous.

Final Remarks

The Edge restaurant had really bad food, prices, and service. It is a shame because the Inn at Ocean’s Edge is a very nice resort. I would stay at the Inn again, but I definitely will not be booking the package which comes with the dinner! I recommend booking a room at the Inn and skipping the on site restaurant.

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