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Happy Chinese Restaurant
549 Park Avenue
Idaho Falls, ID 83402
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Happy Chinese Restaurant is a local Chinese restaurant in downtown Idaho Falls, Idaho. There are not many options in this town for Chinese; however, this restaurant was much better than the other options in town. This restaurant was on the list of the Top 100 Chinese Restaurants in the US from 2006-2009.


I love Chinese food and have been to great restaurants, so I was not that impressed by the quality of the food. However, I did appreciate that they did not use MSG in the cooking process. The menu also offered plenty of vegetarian options. I ordered a Napa-Cabbage Tofu entrée, which was a delicious mix of seasoned tofu and cabbage. It came with a small salad which was nothing more than iceberg lettuce and salad dressing. It also came with a side of fried rice, which was a bit bland and did not include any vegetables. The price was $7.95, so a pretty good deal for the amount of food. My boyfriend ordered the vegetable fried rice, which he really enjoyed although the serving was a bit on the small side considering I got an entrée and rice for the same price. Price Menu

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The waitress was very nice, definitely the best I have had in this town or any of the surrounding areas. I am a vegetarian and she was able to make substitutions for me. I had some leftovers and she offered to have the cooks bring me a side of fried rice to take home with the leftovers.


The décor was nicer than other restaurants in town and included traditional Chinese wall décor and music.

Final Remarks

I was not impressed with the bland quality of food, especially the fried rice which I expected to be better. However, the service was fabulous and the décor was nice. I definitely recommend it over other Chinese restaurants in the area as this is the best option you will find.

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