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Pearl St. Bagels
145 West Pearl Street
Jackson, WY 83001
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Pearl St. Bagels is a small local bagel shop in Jackson, Wyoming which sells coffee, teas, bagels, muffins, and more. I decided to visit the shop on my visit after hearing plenty of excellent reviews.


I was expecting more out of this shop after reading all the great reviews. The food was nothing extraordinary: my bagel filled me up until lunch but it was nothing special. It was very heavy on the cream cheese; I had to get a knife and scape half of it off.
Pearl St. has a variety of different cream cheese flavors available. They also had a selection of organic coffees and teas, smoothies, and a build your own sandwich menu for lunch.
Prices were reasonable: my bagel with cream cheese was $2 and the hot chocolate was $3.

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There was no waiter service, but the staff at the front desk were friendly and provided quick service.


This bagel shop is very small with limited seating. I would have enjoyed it more if the seating would have been more spread out.

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Final Remarks

This bagel shop was a great stop for a quick, affordable breakfast. It is conveniently located in the Town Square, adjacent to plenty of shops.

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