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The Bristol Lounge
200 Boylston Street
Boston, MA 02116
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I first heard of The Bristol Lounge after watching a Travel Channel TV special about extreme buffets. Located in the Four Seasons Boston, this upscale lounge offers a Saturday night dessert buffet. After seeing the special, we knew we had to try it out right away. The next weekend we were more than ready to try out a range of specialty desserts.


The dessert selection included: Chef Tim Fonseca's specialty Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream, made to order Crepes (chocolate, Nutella, and more), chocolate covered strawberries, 2 different varieties of Cake Pops, assorted cupcakes, lemon cakes, and more!

I really enjoyed the Chocolate crepes, the mini mint cupcakes, and the cheesecake filled Cake Pops. And of course I couldn't get enough of the strawberries! I am not a big ice cream fan in general, however, my boyfriend enjoyed it enough to get a second helping.

All the desserts were not only delicious, but also the perfect small size to be able to mix and match different varieties. The dessert buffet is priced at $18 per person and runs every Saturday night from 9:00pm-Midnight. A full drink menu is available to compliment your desserts.

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Service was attentive, but not intrusive, which gave the evening a more relaxed feel. The staff serving the ice cream and crepes were friendly and professional.


I enjoyed the relaxed, yet upscale atmosphere of The Bristol Lounge. The comfortable couches were perfect for a Saturday evening outing. The presentation of the desserts and extra touches like gold silverware made the night even more memorable.

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Final Remarks

I would definitely return to The Bristol Lounge for the Sundaes on Saturday Dessert buffet. This is a great place to catch up with friends and enjoy a few tasty dessert delicacies in the city.


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