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Amici Sports Bar and Grille
242 Atwells Avenue
Providence, RI 02903
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We decided to try out Amici Sports Bar and Grille after seeing a Groupon deal. Because we were already attending the WaterFire event in Providence, we thought we would grab a quick meal beforehand.

Amici Bar and Grille is located in the Federal Hill Neighborhood of Providence; an area which is full of restaurants, many of them Italian.


The menu includes: pizza, pasta dishes, meats, sandwiches, and bar type appetizers. They run specials everyday of the week, including an all you can eat pasta day on Wednesdays.

I thought everything was a bit overpriced on the menu. Luckily, we had a Groupon for $15, so the prices didn't bother us much. Most of the pastas were priced at $14-16, with the price not including any salad or bread.

I had the Margherita Pizza, which was decent, but nothing to write home about. My boyfriend had the Grilled Chicken Sandwich. Again, it was okay, but not worth $11. We ordered 2 ice cream scoops for desserts; the scoops were tiny for the $5 price tag!

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Service was below average. Our waitress didn't even know what gluten free was even though it was listed on their menu! How can you work in a restaurant and not know what gluten free is?

She told me that gluten free meant wheat, which most people know is exactly the opposite! I would hope they hire some better waiters that are available to explain options on their overpriced menu! I definitely recommend skipping out on this restaurant if you have any food allergies.


Very bland restaurant...they were definitely missing something. I felt as though they half went with the bar atmosphere and half tried to be fancy. Whatever they did it did not work!

It was not casual enough to be a bar, and far from fancy enough to be fine dining. They might as well put up more sports memorabilia, add a few more TVs, lower the menu prices and make it a sports bar.

They could also turn the air conditioning up! It was an extremely hot day out in the 90s, and we were looking forward to taking a break inside some cool air, unfortunately, Amici's felt like a sauna inside!

There is some outdoor seating, however, your view consists of a busy street and other restaurants across the street.

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Final Remarks

Amici Sports Bar and Grille was not a good experience. Luckily, we had a Groupon deal so we did not risk anything by trying out something new. There are plenty of other restaurants in this Federal Hill neighborhood of Providence - I wouldn't settle for the lackluster service, decor, and food at Amici Bar and Grille.

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