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Cinema Cafe - Pembroke Meadows
758 Independence Blvd.
Virginia Beach, VA 23455
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Cinema Café is an integrated dinner and movie concept, with locations in and near Virginia Beach, Virginia. I have been to several of these dinner/movie theater combos in other states. Although Cinema Café is not the best it is still worth a stop if you live in or are vacationing to the area.

The Pembroke location shows movies that have been out for a while; however, their prices are discounted. On Tuesdays, movies are only $1.50. Matinee prices are only $2.50 and regular prices only $3.99.


: The menu is decent with food items named after various movies and characters. A few more options for vegetarians would have been nice. Menu options include: burgers, sandwiches, salads, appetizers, desserts, alcoholic drinks, and more. Specials are offered each day of the week. We ordered a few appetizers – they were just okay. Prices are a bit high, but you are coming more for the atmosphere and experience.

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Service was pretty good, considering the waiters had to try to get your order out before the movie started. Add in trying to serve in a dark room, and they did well considering the circumstances.


Seating includes the normal stadium style theater seating, only with tables and rolling computer chairs as opposed to the traditional seats. This works well for enjoying the food and watching a movie at the same time. Although the theater is set up nice, they could have used more movie style décor in the lobby and individual theaters.

Final Remarks

Cinema Café is a good choice for those looking for convenience: dinner and a movie in one spot. The prices here are actually cheaper than going to a regular movie theater. Admission prices are cheap and the food is priced similar to concessions at a regular theater, only you get more of a selection and slightly higher quality food.

Cinema Café is a fun take on a traditional theater; it is nice to order food from a menu as opposed to eating typical unhealthy concession items like candy and overly buttered popcorn. Not the best dinner and movie theater I have ever been to, but not the worst either. Cinema Café is a fun night out for those vacationing in Virginia Beach looking for a break from the beach.

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